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Chicken Since 1994.

30 Years of Quality Poultry Products

We first opened our doors in 1994.

From humble beginnings, we grew into a leading federal poultry processing company located in the heart of Etobicoke, Ontario, specializing in fresh poultry products and services. 

Over 30 years in business, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest of quality standards and earning the trust of many businesses in the space. We have successfully worked alongside a diverse group of loyal customers including Canada's largest grocers, retailers, wholesalers, food service operators and more.

A fresh taste, a fresh appearance, delivered fresh.

Underpinning our mission are our company values that are foundational to everything we do here at Planway.

Our Core Values







Companies that do well should also do good.

We strive to elevate our industry and set the standards in the best way possible. We have a commitment to our products, our environment and our people.

Our Mission

The Global and Canadian Chicken market continues to expand and evolve, and we're proud to be a contributing stakeholder of the Canadian Poultry supply chain and community here in Ontario. 

Throughout our company's journey, we have built strong partnerships with Canada's most trusted and reputable companies that share our commitment to excellence, our pride of Chicken, our vision of success. We have consistently delivered the highest quality locally-raised Chicken, and enhanced the value of the products entrusted to us by our customers. 

From the Land
An Ontario Legacy...

Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated


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